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Theera specializes in bakery but they also offer some full meals. Their spaghetti is not labeled as glutenfree but they can use glutenfree pasta on request. Their main product however is cakes.

Half of their cakes are glutenfree but they place them awfully close to the gluten containing cakes with just a little piece of plastic separating them. Normally this would be a big concern because the chance of gluten contamination would be high. The good thing about this bakery is that you can see directly into the kitchen area and see how they prepare everything. The kitchen is spotless and i did not see any flour scattered around the area. Another good thing is that have been responding to me in the past with a good understanding of what needs to be done to avoid gluten contamination. So i tried the glutenfree cake and it tasted great. After several days, I still had no signs of gluten poisoning, so i think everything is okay. Combining this fact with the spotless kitchen and the professional way that they have been responding to me is for me reason enough to give them a Thailand Glutenfree seal of approval:)

And the best thing is that that the price is normal and not overpriced as many glutenfree providers do. I highly recommend this place.

They can be found in Bangkok by going to Ekkamai BTS station and then walking into Sukhumvit Soi 42.

Safety Score: 7, good but cross contamination might still occur.

Thailand Gluten Free