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perfect earth
Grainey Rice Crackers

Finally some glutenfree snacks in Family Mart.

perfect earth
Well&Good Breadmix

Got this from Villa Market and it's pretty good.

perfect earth
Perfect Earth glutenfree pasta

Saw these glutenfree pasta at Villa market

gluten free Rivon
Granola Muesli

Saw these things at Tops Supermarket and Max Value

gluten free Rivon
Rivon Soygurt

At the Tops supermarkets you can find these gluten-free Soy desserts. Dairy free, Lactose free, Gluten free.

glutenfree crackers
Revilla salami

I tried the Revilla Salami Extra one, (the one at the right) but didn't like it, maybe the other ones taste better. Bought at Villa Market.

glutenfree crackers
Piranha glutenfree crackers

Gluten free crackers found at MaxValu.

Cheerios Oat Cereal

Gluten free Cheerios Oat Cereal found at Villa Market.

Three ladies rice paper sheets

These gluten-free rice-paper sheets are great to make spring rolls and really easy to use. I bought them at Tops Supermarket.

Pureharvest Organic Rice Cakes

These are the cheapest gluten free labeled rice crackers that i could find in Bangkok. I bought them at Villa Market.

San Remo Gluten Free Spaghetti

Found at: Big C Pratunam

French’s classic Yellow Mustard

I haven’t tasted mustard for about 7 years because i thought it would be impossible for gluten-free mustard to be found in Thailand. How wrong i was!! Found these at Big C and several other shops. Still tastes as good as i remember.

Hero Jams

These jams can be bought at almost every Tops Supermarkets and Big C stores. I have seen the Raspberry and Blackberry flavors. Not much to say here. They taste like Jam and are gluten-free.

88 Kitchen Microwave meals

So I went to Chiang Mai again, my favorite place in Thailand, and was wonderfully surprised to see that these microwave meals are also #glutenfree. Just heat them up, add rice and done. Super easy. Besides these three flavors, this brand has several other tastes, but i haven't found a glutenfree label on those yet.The Red and Green Curry tastes are awesome, the stir-fried crab meat not that much. In Chiang Mai these can be bought at Tops Supermarket.

Misura pasta

Tried this macaroni that I found at Villa market and I like it better than the macaroni from Orgran and other brands. Was easier to cook also.

Kanokwan Holy Basil Sauce

At Villa Market I saw many cooking sauce mixes of the Kanokwan brand but only the Holy Basil Sauce was labeled as glutenfree. I tried it and it was okay, but did not look like the picture at all:)

Peckish crackers

Found these chips at Tops Supermarket for just 29 THB. Tastes good too.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Heinz tomato ketchup in Thailand is finally labeled as gluten free. I think it's awesome.

Gluten Free Pasta
Lactasoy Soymilk

I have always known that these were safe for me (been drinking these for years), but now it's official. The new packaging now states "FREE FROM GLUTEN". It is only on the "Original Classic" taste, but I have asked the Lactasoy company for clarification and they told me that all their flavors are gluten-free.

Swiss Miss instant Cocoa drink

The two most popular chocolate flavour drinks in Thailand (Milo and Ovaltine) contain gluten from Malt. The cocoa drink from Swiss Miss is gluten-free and I found it at Villa Market.

Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats

Like many Celiacs I am also highly sensative to Oats so every time i try to eat these, i still get stomach problems. It should be safe for most people though.

Found at: Gourmet Market at the Siam Paragon shopping Mall


This is gluten free supplement powder with lots of vitamins, and some protein. The price is too expensive although prices vary hugely depending on where you buy it. At Big C this product (850 gram) costs a whopping 823 Baht (april 2014). At some other stores they sell it for up to 950 Baht. The cheapest one that i could find was at a small shop near Wong Wian Yai next to the roundabout where they sell it for “just” 675 Baht. A big price difference. Also available at Home Fresh Mart, and Tops Supermarket at Central World. This product comes in 850 gram and 400 gram variant with vanilla flavor. I have seen the smaller variant also in chocolate and strawberry flavor.

Jif Peanut Butter

Glutenfree peanut butter. Found at: Every Big C Supermarket

Megachef Premium Light Soy Sauce

Modern-day Thai Cooking uses a lot of Soy Sauce. There is however one Thai brand that i found at Tops Supermarket which has gluten-free soy sauce. This product from Megachef is gluten-free but be careful, the same brand also sells some products which are not guaranteed to be gluten free. The price is a little bit higher compared to Soy sauces from other brands which is why most Thai restaurants do not use this brand. The quality however is the same. My girlfriend uses it for her Thai dishes and the result is the same great Thai taste. The product is ideal if you want to create some glutenfree Thai meals.

gluten free beer bangkok
Daurra Damm Gluten free beer

Gluten free beer in Bangkok does exists. These can be bought at "Bottles of Beer" see their facebook page:

glutenfree pudding
Sunlee Rice Paper sheets

I like the honesty of this glutenfree brand: 100% machine made:)

glutenfree pudding
Morisoya Sweet Soy Sauce

Finally got this sweet soy sauce to expand my cooking dishes. Can be found at Rimping supermarket in Chiang Mai and at Baimiang Healthy Shop in Bangkok.

Yes You Can Glutenfree Pizza Base Mix

This is the cheapest Gluten free Pizza mix that i can find in Bangkok. Really easy to make.

Found at: Villa Market, Home Fresh mart in the Mall Bangkapi and in Gourmet Market at the Siam Paragon mall.

Peacock spaghettti and vermicellie

I love these! Especially the brown rice spaghetti. Super easy to cook. Just let it soak in water for 1 minute and then boil it for around 2 minutes more. Thats all it takes and best part is that a package costs only around 25 THB. One package contains enough for 3 persons so that’s a great deal.

Found at: Tops Supermarket

Kettle Brand Potato Chips

These gluten free chips are good but also extremely salty so i don't buy them often. My favorites are the Cheddar and Barbeque flavours. There is also the "Salt & Vinegar" flavour which is a horrible taste in my opinion. These chips can be bought at almost every Big C Supermarkets, Home Fresh Marts, Tops Supermarkets, and Villa Market.

Greenday Snacks

These Gluten free Greenday snacks can be bought at several stores including Gourmet Paragon, Home Fresh Marts, Tops Supermarkets, and Max Value. The snack is available in all kinds of fruit or vetgetable flavors and the price range is around 30 THB. I tried the mixed fruit chips and was not too happy about it. A bit too sweet and sour for me.

Gluten Free Cake
Happy Cake Mix

There are several gluten-free cake mixes that you can buy but this one is the best and cheapest i could find. It comes in chocolate and butter flavour and is really easy to make. Just add eggs, butter and water. On the package it tells you to use a microwave for 2 minutes, but i use an oven and they are finished in 15 Minutes. There is 517 gram in one package and from 130 gram i can make a 15cm diameter cake. So for the whole package that is 4 of those cakes for only 85 THB. This same brand also has the small Happy Cake Mix boxes in several flavours that only require you to add 1 egg and then microwave it for 1 minute. But these small boxes cost 69 THB and it will create only 1 very small cake. The small boxes do come with a small chocolate bar to create sauce to put on top of the cake but the sauce doesn’t taste good. The bigger boxes of 85 THB are a better deal and require just a bit more work.

The small 100 gram boxes:

Found at: Home Fresh Mart in The Mall Bangkapi, and Gourmet Market at Paragon.

Gluten Free Cake
Shine Panang Curry Paste

Although not labeled as gluten free, I'm sure they are not present in this product. I've been consuming this paste on a regular basis without any problems, and the test results of a recent biopsy showed no damage to my intestines. This curry paste can be bought at almost every supermarket.

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