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Salsa Kitchen Chiang Mai

The Salsa Kitchen in Chiang Mai serves Mexican food and has a glutenfree menu. I went their with my family to try it out and had some good results because there are no symptoms of gluten-poisoning. If you are a bit gluten-sensitive but not a Celiac, then this place is a definite go, but do be aware that if you are in fact a Celiac that there is still a change of gluten-contamination. They do use wheat-flour in their kitchen and they cannot give 100% guarantee of non-contamination so make sure to tell the waitress of your specific condition or call John, the owner of the restaurant: 096-2292745. I was lucky that John was there in the kitchen to oversee the preparation of the meals but he’s not always at the restaurant. Because i personally had no bad symptoms, his full support and the tasty meals, i do recommend this place.

Their website:

Safety score: 8 if you manage to speak to John directly, 7 if John is not at the restaurant.

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