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Living with a Celiac

I've known my Celiac partner a few years before getting into the relationship so I had already gained some knowledge of this strange eating behavior. As friends we already had some problems about going out to a movie and eating at a restaurant but I was not prepared for all the details of the auto-immune disorder when we finally got into the relationship and started living together.

The last time I went spontaneous to a restaurant is over 2 years ago, and I miss those moments the most, when I could be reckless and eat where and whenever I wanted. My partner has a few standard restaurants that he used to frequently visit, but eating at the same places became boring quickly. If I go to a restaurant for dinner by myself now, then I feel a bit sad because it would be so much nicer if we could go together, which is why I don't go.

Eating at home is the new standard right now, which for Thai people in the big city is actually not that common. We Bangkok people like to eat out. Our apartment doesn't even have a kitchen. We had to buy an electric stove and oven and my partner is usually the one to cook dinner, which is great when I arrive home from work but it has become a routine. It is difficult to make the dinner special every day after day.

Going on a holiday for a few days is a bit problematic but we can manage by preparing food to bring with us, but we still have to spend some time searching for safe places to eat which is often quite difficult. Usually he will not eat much during holidays which is not ideal because he already is underweight.

I can still consume gluten myself but I have to be careful not to cross-contaminate the gluten-free food. At work for breakfast and lunch I still eat regularly like "normal" people and buy food from nearby street stalls. As soon as I get home I brush my teeth just in case we start kissing. We also often share the same dinner plates and spoons and forks so I have to brush my teeth before dinner. Sometimes I buy chips or wheat-based cornflakes and bring it back home for me to eat. My partner says it's okay but it never makes me 100% comfortable. Especially when we go shopping together it is a bit uncomfortable for me to buy something that he cannot eat.

The biggest problem for me is not that i have to be careful or cannot eat something spontaneous with my partner, but that I feel guilty if i eat something that he cannot.

Written by: TK

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