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Butter is Better

This bakery cafe located in Chiang Mai is almost the perfect hangout place for Celiacs. The interior is well designed with some cool oldschool references and the staff was helpful and nice. They probably get a lot of questions about gluten free because they would know how to answer before I even finished my questions. So they do have a lot of knowledge on the matter, although i wished their execution of serving the food was on the same level. I went there with some friends who ordered "normal" food while I ordered the gluten free versions. Had I not intervened then some cross contamination might have occured.

They have daily gluten free cakes, sandwiches, pancakes and soups. They also have gluten free chicken pie on their menu but that one seems to be only occasionally available. They also still have gluten free sausages on their menu but they actually don't make them anymore. I asked if it was possible for them to make the glutenfree sausages again and got replied with a "Never".

I tried some cheesecake which was great for "gluten free" standards and tried the lentils and spinach soup which was okay but not great. I then tried a bread topped in pork sauce which was also just okay. I do have to mention that their gluten free specialty is most likely their pancakes and sandwhiches that I haven't tried, so those might be much better.

In total i'm quite happy with my experience at "Butter is Better". I haven't tasted better glutenfree cheescake at other bakeries and they have some nice gluten free options available.

Their website:

Safety score: 8, great but some cross-contamination might still occur.

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